Janice Naomi Morlock Pelatowski 1

Janice Naomi Morlock Pelatowski

Janice Naomi Morlock Pelatowski

Janice Naomi Morlock Pelatowski passed away at her residence in The Regency Fair Oaks, in Pasadena, Calif., on May 20, 2014. Her husband Robert Pelatowski, MD, preceded her in death.
Jan was born in Posey County, Ind., on Sept. 28, 1924. She graduated from Wadesville High School in 1942. She entered the US Nursing Corps in 1943 and then joined the military. She was stationed in Japan in the 1940s and was a World War II veteran. She later obtained her bachelors degree from UC Riverside.
She moved to California and began working as a Psychiatric Nurse for the State Mental Health System, where she met her husband who was a staff psychiatrist. They married in 1956. They lived in Claremont and later San Marino. Jan’s second career was as a Social Worker for Los Angeles County Social Services Department Child Protective Services.
Jan was also preceded in death by her parents Fred and Macil Morlock and brothers Jack Morlock and Eugene Morlock. Her nephew Brian Morlock also preceded her in death.
She is survived locally by her sister-in-law, Ruth Morlock, her brother Jack’s wife, nephews Stephen, Bruce, Jeffrey, and David Morlock and niece Jeanne Carr.
On the Pelatowski side of the family she is survived by her nephew, Richard Schupbach and his wife Viviane, their son Michael and daughter Morgan, her husband Daniel Guzman and their son great-grandnephew Henry.
A Celebration of her Life was held at her home in The Fair Oaks Regency in Pasadena, Calif.

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One thought on “Janice Naomi Morlock Pelatowski

  • Chris & Theresa Levy

    To Morgan and Michael….not sure but hope you remember us as good friends of both Jan and Bob, when we lived on West Haven Road back in ’85 and until we moved back to CT in ’94. Jan especially was a dear friend to both of us, and we remember both she and Bob and always smile when we look at the painting Bob did of Theresa and our first golden retriever Brandy, which still hangs in our living room today. We only heard about Jan’s passing earlier this week, from Margaret, who had been out of town and had also just heard from other neighbors. Jan had a wonderful long life, and we were always very glad to have known her and counted her as a friend, Hope you and your families are well/Sincerely, Chris & Theresa Levy