Mistrial declared in felony trial

By Dave Pearce
The trial of Derrick Demarco Armstead, who was arrested on July 29 as the result of altercations at Twin Lakes Mobile Home Park, has been delayed.
According to Posey County Prosecutor Travis Clowers, a jury pool of around 50 people were in the Posey County Superior Courtroom of Judge Brent Almon and jury selection was ready to being when a member of the Courthouse staff brought Armstead into the room.
Armstead is facing several charges including being an Habitual Offender after two men were hospitalized after suffering stab wounds on July 29, allegedly at the hands of Armstead.
“One of the members of the court staff brought the defendant into the court room without his attorney before the judge and the prosecutor were out there,” Clowers explained. “He was there for perhaps a minute before the defense attorney got there and he was in plain clothes. He was not in shackles nor in an orange jump suit. But the defense made an objection to that and asked for a mistrial, based on the fact that the defense attorney did not walk out with his client and that someone might think that he was in custody.”
prejudice at all to the defendant and we were looking forward to going to trial that week. We had many witnesses scheduled for that week and the burden is on the state to put together the evidence for the jury. We had all our pieces in place to go forward.”
Almon granted the request of defense attorney Jake Warrum for a new trial date which has been set for April 8.
On July 29, the Posey County Sheriff’s Department investigated altercations which ultimately led to two men being transported to the hospital suffering injuries on July 29. The injuries are alleged to have been inflected by a knife.
Derrick Demarco Armstead faces a myriad of charges in this incident but even more seriously, now faces the charge of being a Habitual Offender. Armstead has accumulated at least two (2) prior unrelated Felony convictions unrelated to the felonies charged in these Counts. Armstead was convicted on February 12, 1992, and sentenced on February 27, 1992, in Vanderburgh County Circuit Court, of a felony charge of Voluntary Manslaughter, a Class A Felony, which was committed on or about 1990.
Armstead was convicted and sentenced on April 14, 2009, in the Vanderburgh County Circuit Court, of a Felony charge of Operating a Motor Vehicle while intoxicated on or about December 6, 2008.
On Monday, July 29, at approximately 7:56 p.m., Posey County Dispatch Center received a call requesting emergency assistance at Twin Lake Mobile Home Park, in rural southeastern Posey County. First responders arrived at approximately 8:11 p.m., and found the two injured men at a residence on Cougar Drive. The injured men were identified as Chris Bradshaw (age 29) and Larry Bradshaw (age 66).
Information gained at the scene identified Derrick Demarco Armstead (age 41), as the individual who had inflected the injuries to both men. Investigators believe that Armstead and Chris Bradshaw quarreled in front of Bradshaw’s home after Bradshaw shouted at a car that Armstead was riding in. Bradshaw had made a comment about the speed the vehicle was traveling. Armstead exited the vehicle and verbally engaged the younger Bradshaw. Armstead then walked away.
Shortly after that incident, at another location within the mobile home complex, Armstead confronted Larry Bradshaw, who is a maintenance man at the property. Larry Bradshaw was driving his truck performing maintenance duties, when Armstead approached him and refused to move on. A verbal confrontation ensued and escalated to the point of physical contact when Armstead allegedly brandished a knife and inflected multiple injuries to Bradshaw. It is believed that Chris Bradshaw was able to see this altercation take place from some distance and ran to the aid of his father. He also engaged Armstead physically, and he received numerous knife wounds in that confrontation.
Both victims were able to escape and retreat to Chris Bradshaw’s home and called 911. The Bradshaws were then transported to Deaconess Hospital for treatment. Armstead was arrested at the scene and transported to the Posey County Jail.

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