‘Weighted grades’ considered

By Valerie Werkmeister
North Posey High School (NPHS) is considering converting how it calculates students’ grade point averages (GPA) based on the level of difficulty in the class. The process is known as ‘weighted grades.’ NPHS Principal Dr. Scott Strieter, discussed the matter with MSD of North Posey School Board members during their meeting Monday, February 10.
Weighted grades are simply based on the level of difficulty some classes are compared to others. Some feel that an ‘A’ grade in an Advanced Calculus class should represent more achievement than an ‘A’ grade in remedial algebra. Yet, there is nothing simple about creating the guidelines to determine how to score and weight the grades for each class.
Strieter explained the idea had been discussed and researched in 2008. Local universities were consulted and it was determined they used their own formula to review transcripts and determine student GPA’s.
However, since that time, the universities have decided to stop this time-consuming process prompting North Posey to reconsider their own involvement in the process.
Strieter stated he would like to form a committee to research this process and report to the board in a few months on their findings.
A generous anonymous donor gave $5,000 to the high school student activity fund. The board accepted the donation and which will be spent, per the donor’s request, in the following manner: in the moderate/severe classroom, on a portable AED for the athletics department and on Promethean Active boards for the classrooms.
In addition, the board approved Strieter’s request to spend an additional $2,500 from the extracurricular account to complete this project.
Strieter’s request to spend $3,350 in student activity money for improvements to the sound booth and auditorium were also approved. Kelly Trafton, English teacher and drama coach, intends to use the funds to purchase a cyclorama screen, eight new light fixtures and two rotators for lighting effects.
The new equipment will be put to use in the upcoming Spring performance of The Little Mermaid.
Superintendent Dr. Todd Camp highlighted a few of the projects the corporation would like to complete this year…

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