Posey’s EMS continues to be costly

Posey County may be in the market for a new ambulance. Emergency Medical Services Director Chuck Thompson discussed remounting costs with the commissioners during their meeting last Tuesday, February 4. A remount basically involves placing the current ambulance ‘box’ with a new engine and chassis. Thompson said he received a $98,000 quote – a price a little higher than he anticipated.
Commissioners agreed that if a remount costs that much, it may be wiser to just purchase a new ambulance. While weighing the pros and cons of purchasing a new ambulance or going ahead with a remount, Thompson stated it would take approximately two months to complete the remount work. That means, Posey County would be without one of its four ambulances.
Thompson reported there were a total of 2,378 runs and approximately $670,000 collected last year. Of that amount, 1,079 were in Mount Vernon; 466 were in New Harmony; 390 in Poseyville and 343 were in St. Phillips area.
The county is still weighing its options and is trying to be as savvy as possible with the funds. Commissioner Jim Alsop stated the county has been putting money aside for the purchase of a new ambulance and that they are just trying to search for the most cost-effective option for the county.
Steve Schenk’s request to purchase a 6,000 tank to hold the county’s total patch mix was approved. Schenk stated the purchase would save the county time and money by not having to make frequent trips to Boonville each week.
Approval of the Local Public Agency contract that involves the county-wide bridge inspection program was tabled. Schenk stated approval from the Indiana Department of Transportation is necessary before the commissioners can approved the contract. When approved, this two-year contract will cost $228,950.
Commissioners approved bonds for the Auditor and Recorder. A $30,000 bond was secured for Auditor Kyle Haney and a $15,000 bond was approved for Recorder Martha Breeze.
Jon Neufelder of the Purdue University Extension Services Office addressed the commissioners and informed them that the extension office’s annual meeting has been changed. Instead of holding the meeting in February, they will now be held in November. He also passed out information to the commissioners on the benefits of 4-H and how it can make a positive difference in children’s lives.
The next commissioner’s meeting is scheduled on Tuesday, February 18, at 9 a.m. in the Hovey House in Mount Vernon.

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