Denning enjoys success at PCCF, decides to move ahead to new challenges 1

By Valerie Werkmeister

Johnna Denning

Johnna Denning

It doesn’t take much to figure out the reason for the long-standing success of the Posey County Community Foundation (PCCF). You might be amazed that it really has little to do with the money and everything to do with the people – the people within the organization as well as the ones who donate. The level of devotion and pride for Posey County both sets of people exemplify is what carries the success of the PCCF.
Johnna Denning is one of those key people who have been instrumental in the success of the PCCF over the past few years. She has served as the foundation’s Director for the past three years and prior to that she served on the board of directors.
She recently announced she is resigning from her position and will be pursuing a new career opportunity. She took some time out from her busy schedule to discuss a few of the highlights in her role as Director.
She has been responsible for raising money that can be used to go back into the community either in the form of grants or scholarships. Most believe that large businesses provide funds to create these grants, but in truth, it’s mostly individual donors who provide the larger share of support to the foundation. Ninety percent of the donations come from individuals.
The success of the foundation has been ensured by “Posey County people who are so good and so giving and they really care about the future of Posey County,” Denning said.
“A majority of the people give because they have a connection to Posey County. They are either from here or have relatives that still live here,” Denning said.
The Wildcats Remembered fund is one example that receives donations near and far. Some come as far as Thailand and California. They include residents who have moved away, but still want to make an impact for Mount Vernon High School students.
Another great example Denning used to show how well the community rallies when there is a need is when the silo was razed near the Mount Vernon riverfront.
“Money was quickly raised for that project because we care about where we grew up or where we live,” Denning said.
Denning said she has enjoyed her experience as Director and has cultivated strong relationships. She stated she has been able to meet many new people that have only added to the positive experience.
While there are many enjoyable aspects with her position, Denning said there is definitely one experience, in particular, that is her favorite.
“I love doing grants and I love doing scholarships, but I have to say the…”

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One thought on “Denning enjoys success at PCCF, decides to move ahead to new challenges

  • Jane Bittner Miller

    Great article. Wish I was able to complete the read. Johnna Benton Denning is my neice and I know she has contributed and invested a numeral amount of years of effort and cares greatly for her community, young and old included.
    I wish her only the best in her future endeavors. She is a great person and has willingly devoted time, ambition and efforts to her Posey County Community. Granted, rest assured, I am sure she will be greatly missed. But, let us not stop her, she has the insight and ambition to see Posey County her home, strive in fruition. She has just only began….
    Very Proud of My Neice, Johnna!
    Aunt Jane