Arrest in Griffin nets Meth Operation

Curtis A. Carlson

Curtis A. Carlson

In the mid-morning hours of Friday, January 31, Posey County Sheriff’s Deputies with the assistance of Indiana State Troopers went to a residence located at 2 Farrar Lane in the town of Griffin. Deputies armed with an arrest warrant from Mount Carmel, Ill., sought Curtis A. Carlson, who was reported to be living at the Farrar Lane address.
When officers gained access to the residence, they located Carlson, his wife Jennifer, and the couple’s two-year-old daughter. Carlson was immediately taken into custody without incident.
After receiving consent to search the residence, officers located reagents attributed to Carlson, which are used in the methamphetamine manufacturing process.
Carlson was transported to the Posey County Jail where he remains lodged. The case information has been forwarded to the Posey County Prosecutor.
Charges against Carlson are as follows:
Battery (Illinois Warrant); Failure to pay child support (Illinois Warrant); Manufacturing methamphetamine – B Felony; Possession of two or more precursors or reagents with intent to manufacture methamphetamine with a firearm – C Felony; Child Neglect-D Felony.

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