Mount Vernon spared from chemical spill

By Lois Mittino Gray
Kudos were in order for Water Superintendent Chuck Gray and his handling of the West Virginia chemical spill incident as the focal point of the January 23 meeting of the Mount Vernon Common Council. The spill headed down the Ohio River toward Mount Vernon and Gray sprang into action. He had all of the information days ahead of time and had a plan ready to go. He was commended publicly for his efforts and for the way he kept the Board informed as well. The licorice-smelling toxin was never a problem here due to the dilution factor. “It was really a non-issue by the time it reached Mount Vernon,” he said.
In reference to the spill, Gray and crew started tracking it early and ordered extra carbon for filtration. He stated they had to increase their carbon use by 1,000 percent.
They built another injection box to handle the carbon and were ready. The Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Ohio River Sanitation Committee kept them informed of the spill progress.
Supt. Gray told the Water Utility Board that February 11 he will be in Indianapolis to make a presentation at the AWWA about the Mount Vernon Water Plant
In other action:
•The Water Utility Board approved the sale of the street department building to…

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