Waste needs haste for compliance

By Valerie Werkmeister
Posey County Commissioner Jerry Walden questioned members of the Poseyville Town Council during their final meeting of the year on December 26, whether the town was still interested in helping the Wadesville-Blairsville Regional Sewer District (WBRSD).
Walden stated he attended a recent New Harmony Town Council meeting in which the president of the WBRSD, Mitch Luman, addressed the council on their status in helping the entity treat their wastewater. Luman stated he last addressed the council in 2012 and was waiting to hear an answer from the town on whether they would be willing to help WBRSD. New Harmony officials informed Luman they would need to wait until an assessment of their own facilities is completed.
New Harmony hired Commonwealth Engineering to evaluate their sewer plant, a task that will take up to three months. New Harmony Town Council President Joe Straw told Luman that the town had not turned down WBRSD, they would just need to have a clear picture of their own wastewater needs before entertaining the idea of treating another community.
New Harmony Councilman Don Gibbs questioned Luman as to why the WBRSD was asking for help from New Harmony when he knew they had also asked Poseyville. It was then that Luman informed the board that Poseyville had rescinded their offer to help.
That information prompted Walden’s visit to the Poseyville Town Council meeting.
He expressed concern that the Indiana Department of Environmental Management (IDEM) will eventually fine Posey County for lack of action on the WBRSD’s behalf…

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