Technology comes with a price for Posey County

By Valerie Werkmeister
After much debate, Posey County government offices finally have a contract for their information technology (IT) needs. Posey County Commissioners approved a contract with Automated Office Solutions (AOS) during their final meeting of the year held on December 17.
The decision came on the heels of a lengthy discussion regarding the South Road vacation request. As County Executive Assistant Keely Winiger presented the final $255,690 quote from AOS, commissioners were initially hesitant to enter into the three-year contract.
Winiger as well as Posey County Assessor Nancy Hoehn and Treasurer Justin White stated they were very pleased with the work AOS had done so far.
“AOS has become one of us,” Winiger stated. The IT company helped dig the county out of a proverbial hole in regards to computer technology problems. The group was brought in to help resolve a virus that caused data loss and problems for several county offices in October.
AOS proposed a willingness to work with the county to evaluate their IT needs on a mutually agreeable time frame basis and readjust their contract proposal when necessary.
Others also spoke in favor of signing a contract with AOS citing examples when the company stayed to work on critical needs during the recent snowstorm when most county offices were closed.
Despite these comments, commissioner Jerry Walden introduced another IT company for the county to consider. Jason Melton, of On-Site Computer Solutions delivered a presentation to the commissioners and tried to persuade them that many IT companies could pledge to do the same service AOS was doing.
Melton stated he was a former AOS employee and advised that most companies will work on a month-to-month business. He also stated it would be cheaper for the county to hire a full-time individual, but the county needs right now dictate a team approach, rather than an individual employee.
Several expressed concern over switching from AOS to a different company while in the middle of various technology projects. Justin Faith of AOS surprised everyone by altering his final proposal and lowering the quote to just $215,640.
“We have eaten, lived and breathed Posey County for six months and we know your network through and through,” he said.
He dropped his rates to the bare minimum and stated his company wants to work in Posey County. It was noted that a few of his employees are seeking permanent housing located here.
“We have a plane in the air and we don’t want to keep coming back every month to see if that’s going to continue to fly,” he said.
Faith also made the proposal almost too good to be true when he stated the contract could be broken at any time with written notice.
Commissioner Jim Alsop questioned the various department heads in the audience as to their preference in companies. A unanimous vote was cast in favor of AOS.
The commissioners approved a 12-month agreement with AOS with quarterly reviews for a total of $215,640.

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