NH Town Council reviews gas line, sewer plant

By Valerie Werkmeister
Members of the New Harmony Town Council voted to push forward with a project to move the town’s gas utility line off the Wabash River Bridge. A public hearing was held during their meeting on Thursday, December 19, to discuss the project.
John DiDomizio of Morley and Associates presented five different proposals on how to accomplish that task during the council’s November meeting. He briefly summarized the options again and suggested option 1A would be the best option to pursue. The options ranged in price from $770,000 to $4.4 million. Option 1A involves boring under the bridge and placing the line at the minimum depth possible to provide cover for the line. Other options include extending the line to Griffin or Poseyville.
Another option that may be feasible is working with Vectren to secure a new connection. DiDomizio explained Vectren is currently in the process of upgrading the pipes used in their utility lines and may be willing to negotiate a feasible option that would benefit New Harmony.
Council members Andrew Wilson and Don Gibbs will plan a meeting with Vectren officials early in the New Year to discuss options.
When asked about the risk of leaving the town’s gas utility line on the bridge, DiDomizio cautioned the council.
“There are future risks with leaving it there…

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