MV, CountryMark deal expands soccer

By Valerie Werkmeister
A property exchange between Posey County and CountryMark will eventually make playing soccer a little safer for Mount Vernon youth.
The Posey County Commissioners approved the transfer of approximately 15 acres of land during their December 17, meeting.
Attorney Adam Farrar facilitated the transfer and explained the county owns property adjacent to Country Mark while the company owns property on Smith Road. Due to the utility lines running underneath the fields, both parties felt the land transfer would be safer for the youth. Posey County Commissioner President Carl Schmitz stated the county will work with the Mount Vernon Parks Department on a plan to move the fields.
The final wording in various sections of a newly devised employee handbook for county employees was discussed. County executive secretary Keely Winiger answered questions by the three commissioners in regards to overtime pay, drug testing and vacation and comp time. Schmitz requested a slight wording change in regards to the number of hours part-time employees may work. He pointed out the current wording that states part-time employees are limited to no more than 30 hours should actually be changed to 28 hours. Commissioners Jim Alsop and Jerry Walden agreed.
Schmitz also stated that drug testing should be…

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